Benefits of Chakra Rebalancing

Five Benefits of Chakra Balancing

In energy medicine, the viewpoint of holistic healers is that many ailments that people are experiencing physically are experienced in the energetic body first before they appear as illness or disease. There are seven chakra centres in the energetic body. A large amount of power, known as Kundalini energy or life force exists in the base of the spine. With energy healing, a holistic health practitioner can facilitate the release of this kundalini energy, in order to be able to move up through the base chakra at root of the spine, through to the crown chakra.

When the Kundalini energy passes through each of the energy centres of the body, a tuning of each power centre occurs. This can assist in clearing away any issues that are presenting. Problems in the energetic body can be exhibited in the person through the experience of feelings of anxiety, sadness, depression, anger and negative emotions.

If not cleared, and addressed, this can lead to repressed and stuck energies. When the energies are not able to be cleared, sickness, pain and other physical diseases can become present in the patient. Chakras can be considered as power holding centres, and when these particular energies are drained, they need to be reconnected, cleansed and cleared in order to be able to be regenerated through the stream of cosmic energy.

The Crown Chakra

Located at the top of the head, this energy centre is associated with the nervous system, cerebral cortex and pituitary gland. This chakra is your connection to the Cosmic Intelligence, and a balanced crown chakra helps to create feelings of connection, acceptance and bliss. When the crown chakra is blocked, this can cause headaches, migraines, nerve pain and also dizziness and ringing in the ears. It can also manifest as poor coordination and fatigue.

The Third Eye Chakra

A blockage in the third eye chakra, which is located around the forehead, just behind the temples and where the pineal gland is located can cause some psychological symptoms such as an inability to focus on a given task, depression and sinusitis. It can also cause some visual disturbances such as astigmatism, poor eyesight, glaucoma and short and near sightedness. Other physical symptoms of a third eye chakra blockage include insomnia, a lack of clarity of thought, and a feeling of disconnection.

The other chakra centres include the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus, the sacral chakra and the root chakra. All of these different energy centres when imbalanced can cause physical symptoms.

How Can The Chakras Be Balanced and Come Into Alignment

Sound Therapy is an incredible way to have your astral body and energy centres completely realigned in a very gentle and non-invasive way. For centuries, gongs have been used in ritual, prayer, meditation and in therapeutic means. The way that a gong works is that when metal is excited (such as a disc that has been tuned to sound at a particular frequency) it gives off a plasma field, and the patient then becomes immersed in that field of energy.

When a patient has sound therapy, they are able to have their cells tuned to a higher frequency and this in turn works at a deeper quantum level in order to unlock the Kundalini energy and repair the chakra centres.

Frequencies are now being tested in laboratory environments in order to repair cells, and there is therefore now clinical evidence for the validity of sound therapy due to much research in this area.

Sound therapy is also incredibly relaxing, and helps to dispel stress, feelings of anxiety and depression. Sound therapy is an excellent complementary therapy to energetic tuning that can be done at the same time, or during a different session. It is extremely beneficial to have a holistic treatment package where a patient can get crystal therapy, astral readings and even a spa facial.

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