Energetic Boundaries and People

Sometimes we can be around people, and leave their presence feeling completely energised. The synergy can be incredible, and you both add to each other’s energy and joy and completeness as your energetic fields interact at a sub-atomic level. There is a vitality to the interaction, and you feel lighter and less concerned about the way life is.

Other times you can interact with people, and they actively choose to be negative, in a prolonged and persistent way without letting up. Every time you are around them, more often than not, and as a general rule, there is a draining and a souring of how your emotional state it. Your emotional state is your gauge as to where you are sitting along your own lines of congruence.

In order to manifest, we need to let go of energetic cords that drain our energy. As our mothers had provided us with spiritual life; some people connect to us energetically through cords that attach to us spiritually in the area of our solar plexus. This can be a reason some people are prone to overeating, in order to shield themselves from connecting with other people, or another reason may be present leading to that behaviour.

People can exhibit behaviour that gaslights us, or sets a fuse on our emotional triggers. This can leave us feeling negative, angry, humiliated, disappointed, and when our negative energies have dissipated, in despair. Sometimes also, allowing a person to vent, or providing some form of emotional support can lead to a serious drain on our own energetic reserves.

Tony Robbins in his seminars discusses keeping the sub-atomic vibrational level high when participating in his events, this means that people are able to catalyse change more efficiently and effectively when they are primed and full of emotional positivity. The energy of everyone in the room is that of enthusiasm, and the music and the comfort, love and encouragement can often lead to life changing breakthroughs. Events are high energy because that serves a purpose in creating change.

Your emotional barometer is a sign to you, particularly if you are in pain, that something desperately needs to change. You either need to rest, get away from a difficult situation, or do what you can to limit or alter it. If you are around people who are persistently draining, or in a care industry where people with illness or disability are, or require significant counselling, it is even more imperative to be aware of your energy levels.

Triggers that are negative, and leaving us feeling in pain need to be addressed in a functional way; ho’o’opono is a practice of the Hawaiins where people heal things in themselves that end up being present in other people, and that is the reason these things show up to gaslight, trigger and distress us. It offers us a choice to grow.

If we respond with mantras, send blessings, and look inwards on healing those parts of ourselves, and offering them love and full acceptance, those things that are negative and energy draining in others are more likely to be healed. Because we exists in and as fields of energy, we attract to us what we are.

When we work on healing ourselves, and looking at those parts in ourselves we wish to change, our external environment and the friends we have become more aligned with the spiritual work we have done.

 When it comes to the end of the day, and we are feeling the toll of being around either people who drain us or who have triggered out emotional explosive points, it is critical to perform spiritual hygiene rituals.

These rituals take part in the power of the mind, and through organising our conscious thoughts, we are able to rid ourselves of unhealthy energetic ties to others that have arisen throughout the day.

The ritual is to lay quietly in bed prior to going to sleep, and getting into a calm and meditative state. Imagine a golden rain of peaceful warmth, or a warm golden bubble of protection around yourself.

Gently imagine yourself looking at your abdomen, and looking at some of the energetic cords that have either hooked into you, or latched into you. These hooks and cords need to be severed and melted, and visually imagine, and take your hand physically, and unhook, untie, cut off and remove any hook or cord, and imagine a golden shield going around you to soothe, heal and cleanse what was attached. It will lead to a cleansing, and a peaceful and restful sleep, and in the morning you should awake feeling far more energised.

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