Ways Detoxing Makes You Feel Better

Nutritional detoxing and Colon Therapy ( Colonics) could be the answer. It will certainly help. Professional supervision should be done over dietary modification, because any changes in your body’s systems can affect the way that any current medication that you are taking works, and you may have underlying medical conditions that need to be monitored.

Gain a whole host of benefits is the best way to proceed with a detoxification. Science has studied some of the advantages of following a detox program, and whilst the body has the ability to cleanse out substances and toxins that are detrimental to the immune system and metabolic functions, detoxing actually supports the body to eliminate toxins far more effectively. I recommend a series of 3-6 Colonics – 3 days apart, to get you started. Following that a cleanse every season.

In the Journal of Human Nutrition, a review was published of the effectiveness of detox programs, and the evidence generally weighed in favour of pursuing detox diets as a way to lose weight and gain vitality. It was also recommended that more studies be done of the benefits of detox programs.

Fasting is one way to detox, but prolonged fasting can cause detrimental damage to the body’s tissues and other systems, and intermittent fasting such as the 5:2 diet is safer. Jon Barron, from the Baseline of Health Foundation refers to (intermittent) fasting as:

‘fasting, for as little as three days, “flips a regenerative switch” which prompts stem cells to create brand new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system.’

There are different fasting regimes that can be carried out, each for a specific purpose, and for detoxing, there are other types of detoxing protocols that are followed according to a particular need. Both should be done under professional supervision in order to promote wellbeing and health. If a woman is pregnant or undergoing IVF, or considering pregnancy or breastfeeding, she should definitely seek medical advice prior to embarking on any type of dietary modification. Her focus should be on wellbeing and nutritional needs of her body.

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