Chakra Rebalancing Benefits

A rebalance of your chakra system could help you remove anxiety, depression, feelings of insecurity, insomnia, pain and anxiety as part of a holistic treatment program. Chakras are focused on a lot in woke communities where it is recognised that the energy centres of the body are based on the chakra system. We have seven energy centres in the body, these are from the base: the root chakra, the sacral, solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown chakra.

Eastern medicine has long discussed the benefits of having a healthy energetic system within the body, and a rebalance with Micah Medical Intuitive can help remove energy blockages and problems within this system. The energy system of the body radiates beyond the physical plane, and metaphysically extends out like a radiating donut shaped orb around the body, with the whirling centres of each chakra having a particular function, similarly to the organs of the body having.

The root chakra is to do with feelings of security and also is focused on the sensation of being grounded and connected to the earth. An imbalance in this can lead to feelings of anxiety and a general disconnect from others. The sacral chakra is connected to the reproductive organs and the sexual drive.

The solar plexus chakra is connected to the power centre and also the digestive system, so any physical problems with the gastro-intestinal system and feelings of power in life, and being able to obtain success may be connected to an imbalance in this chakra.

The heart chakra having problems will be apparent when a person feels numb, issues with depression, or is unable to obtain feelings of self-worth and connectedness to others. A heart chakra rebalance can correct this.

The throat chakra is where we have our voice, and our thyroid gland that helps to manage some hormonal regulation and metabolism is also located here. Problems with the throat chakra may include feeling the inability to be heard by others, or having a lack of self expression. An overactive throat chakra may include not being able to listen to or appreciate other people’s point of view.

The third eye chakra is related to intuition and the mind, and it is also connected very strongly to the crown chakra where it is said that inspiration from the universe comes from. Balancing these chakras helps a person to feel a sense of purpose and general wellbeing.

During a rebalance, a client will be asked to lie upon a therapy table, and Micah Mellalieu will perform a special energy rebalancing massage, contact with the body is not necessarily made, as energy medicine does not require direct contact between the client and therapist. She will focus in particular in identified imbalances and blockages, remove these, repair these and tune all chakras.

After a chakra rebalance, a client will feel a sense of refreshment and clarity. It is recommended that a person rest afterwards and drink clear fluids, and avoid any drugs, alcohol or driving afterwards for at least three hours as a chakra rebalance can cause feelings of dizziness and lightheadedness.

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