What to Expect From a Therapy Session with Micah Medical Intuitive

All services are fully tailored and customised, and suitable for the client who finds that they require more holistic and natural alternatives such as Mediumship, Chakra Balancing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Colon therapy, Iridology, transformational therapeutic life coaching, and Ho Oponopono and Quantum Healing.

For around one hour or more, you will be present with Micah Mellalieu, the holistic therapist of Micah Medical Intuitive. You will find that the session will be similar to that of being with a traditional counsellor or psychologist, but there will be an extra dimension to this experience, that you will find in a holistic session. 

Micah will talk to you in your first appointment about your concerns and what sort of things are currently a source of distress for you.

Therapeutic medium is done by reading the energy stream to see what needs clearing and balancing. Connecting to loved ones on the other side may also be accessed.

Micah can help you by writing out your goals, and then assisting you to identify the barriers to these, and through therapies such as clinical hypnosis, Ho Oponopono and therapeutic counselling, old beliefs and barriers can be removed. Life coaching will also be applied to help you formulate a plan that seeks to assist you in achieving your goals. 

You may experience integration therapy where you work on a past life regression or inner child therapy. This therapy is very gentle, and extremely soothing. 

Generally all sessions with Micah are incredibly gentle and soothing, and may include a healing, or a session where you are invited to lie on a massage table to have a Chakra Balance. During the first session, all of these therapies are explained to you, according to what is recommended, and we have information on our site regarding what our services entail.

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