Ancient Hawaiian Healing Systems

An overview of HoOponopono

HoOponopono is an ancient Hawaiian shamanic discipline, where a person with any form of stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, negative mental health experience and other forms of distress such as grief come to a Hawaiian Shamanic HoOponopono practitioner for a “cleansing.”

The practice dictates that the shaman is responsible for all of the problems that are present around him or her, so the shaman will then do an inner reflection or self examination for what presenting problem the client has. For example, if the client has recently lost a loved one, the shaman will look back in his or her own history, to determine what sort of loss they have suffered, and work on themselves through self-reflection and chanting.

The chant of the Hawaiian shamanic HoOponopono practitioner is:

“I am sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you,” and this is performed either during the presence of the client, where both the shamanic practitioner and client sit together chanting this, or the shamanic practitioner will simply discuss the problem with the client, and then perform the “cleaning” by his or herself during a private session, where the shaman will reflect on all of the problems that the clients have, and removing them mentally while chanting.

A piece of corn tortilla that is shared and eaten between the shamanic practitioner and the client can also represent the shared harvest of wellness that has occurred after the HoOponopono cleansing therapeutic session. A guided meditation can finalise a session and also promote feelings of wellbeing and calm within the client.

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