Massage and Colon Hydrotherapy

Are you in the process of losing weight and feeling fatigued or having a mind fog? Did you know that losing weight releases toxins into your body and into the lymphatic system and the digestive system, and eradicating these toxins and weight loss metabolites from fat cells can cause you unwanted side effects? You may feel anxious, depressed and stressed, and not know why. Part of the reason that it is advised to see a medical practitioner to supervise weight loss is because of the side effects. Micah Medical Intuitive has a plan to assist you in removing some of these unwanted side effects from weight loss.

Toxin removal from colon hydrotherapy combined with a massage post the colon cleansing procedure will help remove toxins from your lymphatic system, and promote an overall sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Massage is well established to remove toxins from your body, and to help relieve stress and anxiety. This will help reduce the unwanted side effects from weight loss.

Relaxation is one of the many features of massage, and post a colon cleansing, this is highly recommended to help settle the digestive system and prepare you for leaving the premises and feeling comfortable. Your skin will be well hydrated, and your mood will be greatly improved through the application of a massage post your colonic hydrotherapy procedure, so allowing yourself this important therapeutic combination will provide for optimal health.

The combined therapeutic benefit of both colon hydrotherapy and massage results in a gentle and transformative, restorative session where toxins are removed from both the digestive system, and the muscles in the lymphatic system. This helps to clear the body, and results in an overall feeling of wellness.

Consider other therapies such as HoOponopono or a Holistic Quantum Healing session where you sit with Micah to discuss any issues that are causing you stress, and this can also form part of an holistic therapeutic program to maintain and promote health and wellbeing.

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