Iridology is a complementary medicine that uses the colors, patterns and striations of the iris to determine whether or not there may be any particular items of note, and whether or not these can indicate any potential disease processes occurring in the body. 

It is a science that uses observation of the iris to determine if there are any abnormalities and if there are then that can indicate the need for further testing within the body, using other types of diagnostic procedures. These diagnostic procedures can include traditional western methods such as pathology, diagnostic imaging and observation of signs and symptoms. 

Iridologists have carefully mapped areas of the iris and the corresponding organ systems in the body. They use torches, cameras and microscopes to look at the iris, to detect any changes or abnormalities, and then compare this to an iris chart. A typical iris chart is divided into 90 zones. 

Micah Medical Intuitive uses iridology to help in conjunction with consultations. This can help determine nervous states of the body, toxins, parasitic invasions, genetic dysfunctions, hormone imbalances, congestions and inflammation within the body. 

If any abnormalities are determined through careful examination of the iris, then it is important that follow up care and further referral are carried out. Micah Medical Intuitive does this within the consultation, and provides recommendations for further diagnosis or other supports to help the body maintain wellness and health. 

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