The Emotional Benefits of Ho’oponopono Healing

A lot of times we can get caught up in judgments and frustration with how things are going in our lives. We blame others, and speak negative words over situations, and this just causes more blocks to occur. For example, a friend of mine and I were discussing the type of bottle she can use for a healing method, and I was speaking about it being plastic, and I said that glass should be preferable as it doesn’t leak any plastic into the water she would drink.

She said that it was BPA free, and this meant it would be perfectly fine: I had a judgment about the use of plastics. Glass is my preference, and a suitable plastic container is her preference. What are the judgments that you come up with? A friend of mine is involved with a man who goes backwards and forwards between his ex and her, and I have found myself judging this man and his behaviour, when really it indicates that the problem is lying within myself according to Ho’oponopono.

Yes, that is correct. Ho’oponopono means taking responsibility for the things that come up in your life, the frustrations and the judgments, and the situations that cause you grief. It is not about blaming others, they are simply living out a program that has been instilled in them.

What do you do when you delete a computer file? It sits in your recycle bin. It doesn’t get completely deleted. In Dr Joe Vitale’s book, Zero Limits, Dr Hew Len talks about how Ho’oponopono is like deleting all the garbage permanently from the recycle bin in your computer, your mind. We are living out our memories.

Memories can be good, but they prevent us from living in the present moment, and feeling inspired. Intentions are all well and good, but we can have good intentions, and not follow through on these intentions. We can also feel inspired, and we feel good and follow through on inspirations.

Ho’oponopono is a master cleaning method that is far superior to any other method of self help because it removes the unconscious blockages from the conscious mind, by taking responsibility for everything that comes up to frustrate, annoy, cause you grief and delay what you want to manifest in your life.

Read that again: Ho’oponopono is a master cleaning method! What is cleaning? Cleaning is the art of removing the blockages from your conscious and unconscious mind that cause you to not be able to be fully in the present moment. Yes, there will still be situations that come up that you will have judgments about, and also cause you frustration.

Ho’oponopono, as Dr Joe Vitale describes it, is like a master street sweeping tool that eradicates all the dross from your moments as you go about your day. It is a simple chant: “I am sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you, I forgive myself,” and you say it as you go about your day and find that those situations where you are having emotional distress you will be able to overcome those. Thoughts will come up, and you can challenge these. As Dr Joe Vitale puts it, you can transmute those feelings of stress, anxiety, frustration and grief by handing those over to the I – the Divine – the Great Something, and allow the situation to subside.

What about the situation that keeps presenting itself? For example, someone is studying a computer programming course, and her code didn’t compile. This led to feelings of great frustration and annoyance within herself, so she stepped away, went out to meditate and chanted the H’oponopono chant, and kept handing it over to the Great Something – the Divine – to transmute into a situation that would cause her less grief. What happened was that she was inspired to leave it for the time being, to take up another course that came up cheaply, and she purchased it. It was full of the very basic concepts of that particular programming language, and with that she decided peacefully to leave the current project on the backburner until she would come back to it. She would then work her way back through the chain of problems, to be able to discover the problem.

It’s not about eradicating the problems immediately, and some things take time to resolve. When Dr Hew Len was working at the psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane in Hawaii, he said that it took time to resolve these issues as he was working with the patients there. You have to allow for time to resolve these things, but you will gain peace. The peace that passes all understanding, that Dr Joe Vitale puts it in his book At Zero Limits.

Peace of mind is a blessed thing, and it helps eradicate all emotional traumas. Peace of mind in finances, relationships, health, career and interests, studies and legal issues can do wonders for a person, and helps to resolve the blockages to these. Ho’oponopono can help resolve post traumatic stress disorder by relieving the memories a person has of the situation, and can also help with anxiety, depression and mental illness.

All of the patients at the psychiatric ward were eventually let go because they were cured from Ho’oponopono, and Dr Hew Len took on the responsibility of the memories that these people had, because all problems are a projection of ourselves. If you come across a situation that a friend is going through that is causing you distress, you can simply clean on that, and you will find that as you trust that the situation will resolve, it will in its natural course let you free of stress, and that situation for your friend will also come good.

There are many stories in Zero Limits about how people discovered the benefits of Ho’oponopono, not only for their emotional wellbeing, but in all aspects of life. Talk to Micah today about a Ho’oponopono cleaning and energetic healing for your emotional distress, or for any problem in your life. Remember that things can take time to resolve, but you will gain peace of mind and freedom from stress.

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