Shamanic Healing Journey with Kahuna Massage

Journey into the inner world of the shadows in your life and integrate them into the light through the Shamanic Healing Journey with Micah. Through the use of the Kahuna massage and a variety of Shamanic tools, Micah will take you into the inner planes of existence on the Shamanic journey. Visit the four planes of the compass and discover your inner spirit totem and release your emotional burdens as Micah uses her spirit medicine drums, her gong and salt to purify your energetic body and your soul.

The Shamanic journey is a blissful experience, as taken through the Hawaiian Kahuna way of Spirit Medicine. You not only will receive a gentle and uplifting Kahuna Temple Style of massage, the sacred secrets of Kahuna are held by Micah and she uses them to connect to the Hawaiian energies that release you from past pain.

What you can expect

  • a gentle three hour massage
  • a shamanic journey while you undergo a gentle massage
  • sound therapy via the use of the gong and the drums to immerse you in healing frequencies
  • gentle chanting of the Hawaiian prayers and blessings to help you find inner peace
  • a truly life altering experience

If you desire to undergo the Shamanic journey through a quiet, gentle but immersive way, you can book today with Micah to engage yourself in the Hawaiian esoteric journey of the Kahuna Temple Way. It is truly a unique and uplifting experience.

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