Metaphysics and Quantum Healing

Metaphysics is the science of healing at a very deep level of ourselves. Physicists are starting to understand more of the field of energy and quantum mechanics, and the study of particle theory through experimentation in the Hadron Collider. What is a flow on effect is that through the study of science, we can demonstrate a clear connection between energy and what we experience, so when we immerse ourselves in a healing environment, and actively work on our internal states, the universe begins to mirror our internal state.

The Ancient Egyptians understood these principles, and were incredibly enlightened. Anthropologists are now starting to extrapolate the real stories of the pyramids and how they were built. Technology for levitation existed, using sound frequencies. If everything is vibration, and particles all fluctuate at a certain frequency, it becomes more scientifically demonstrable that we can trust in healing modalities. These are becoming more believable to the general population as scientists are starting to understand that our fields of energy can come together to form physical matter.

Our internal states of mind, how we think, the connection between our thought processes and our neural networks have been studied under MRI, and neurobiologists like Dr Caroline Leaf have documented research regarding this. When we conscientiously work on creating a healthy internal state of mind, we create around ourselves the perfectly mirrored world.

Shamanic journeying is part of the world of metaphysics, it embodies ensuring that you work on your internal states of mind and then go into a Shamanic journey, an altered state of consciousness when you connect to Spirit, and the other world in order to find answers to your questions.

Quantum healing is having work done on yourself at the deepest possible level. It means that when you attend a quantum healing session done by a medical intuitive, he or she is able to work on correcting energies within you at the deepest possible levels. This aids in your own ability to self-heal and creates a wonderful state where you can more easily work on your healing. You work in partnership as part of a holistic team of healers, and take active ownership of your own state of mind and wellness.

Metaphysics is the overarching philosophy of healing modalities like quantum healing, and medical intuitives are trained to work at the deepest possible levels in order to create a catalyst within your energy to evoke healing on a physical and emotional level. For those who have had quantum healing they find that there are able to feel more free to be healthy both in mind, body and spirit.