Micah has good clinical nursing experience. She demonstrates awareness. Micah identified a patients heart condition in her observations. Micah was persistant to intervene. Patient was immediately transferred to acute care with good outcome. Patient thanked Micah for the early detection and the opportunity to celebrate another xmas with her family. Doctors and Hospital management personally thanked Micah for her great work.” (04.02.2012)


I had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Micah for over 10 years when I was the Director and owner of The Sydney Kahuna Centre. During her time with us as a Kahuna Practitioner she was passionate and a dedicated therapist to her loyal following of many clients. Her effectivness of treatments stemmed from her unique ability to compassionately connect with people on a very human level and to also connect deeply in the world of of the unseen. Micah’s approach to working with her clients allowed her to transcend beyond the purely physical in order to access deeply held emotions and mental challenges, drawing these to the surface, releasing them and allowing the healing process to begin. Her abilities have a truly transformative effect for her clients.” (2015)

Nemara Hennigan,, phone 0479116400

BnB Health Clinic:

“Dear Mica, I needed to unwind from the hustle and bustle of LONDON. The fresh smoothies, juices and nutritional support have been a great treat. My time here has been happy, and it has all worked out very well with my other plans in Sydney. Many thanks. All good wishes in your ventures”.

Guest Jill Rock – Artist LONDON UK 2015

Medical Intuitive Reading

“I found Micah to be a kind and gentle person. I recently had an intuitive scan with Micah in Bondi NSW and I have to say I was truly impressed at the things she knew about me with no history. First of all the process was completely non intrusive. Micah found pain, pressure, bone and cartilidge damage in my body, I had not shared my issues with Micah, but she knew. She knew existent and current issues to do with my joints. She was so specific with the detail. Secondly Micah spoke of a genetic memory, she gave me a good news about my upcoming holiday to Hawaii. My Medical reading also gave me insight to my inner health and genetic weaknesses, which need to be addressed with a few lifestyle changes. This has given me the incentive to better my lifestyle choices.I would strongly recommend that anyone considering a reading definitely get in contact.”

Matthew Scholoub SYDNEY, NSW, Medical Intuitive Session

(2015) ”Micah saved me a trip to the hospital. I was in agony. I would go to Micah again and I have recommended her work to all my friends. I had an increasing pain in my back. Micah was working in Wellington NZ doing Medical Readings at the time. Micah asked my permission to have a look inside my body. She told me that she could see a KIDNEY STONE that was stuck in the upper urethral tube. I had been in hospital 6 months prior with the same thing. Micah closed her eyes and started breathing and moving her hands for about 20 mins. Then she said you will be ok mate, I’ve pushed it through. She told me to have Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive oil in my diet. She mentioned a relationship with a female that I needed to clear up too. Then she left. In less than 10 mins I was free of pain. Micah has a gift. I’m still amazed.”

Adrian Williams, New Zealand,

“Micah is extremely humble, but immediately I could sense that she had a wealth of knowledge. Over the past year I have gotten to know Micah well and have noticed the impact she has made on my life. Being able to identify areas where I hold stress in my body and release them, talking through insecurities, discussing nutrition, the list goes on. What I appreciate the most is that Micah is well versed in a variety of areas and can identify a solution/ treatment, based on combining her expertise in a number of fields; from the medical profession to spiritual and energy work. I feel really lucky to have Micah in my life as a healer; she is one of a kind.”

BnB Health Clinic

2015 “Thank you so much for having me at your beautiful place. I had a lovely peaceful time there and am so happy. Also loved to bathe in the spiritual bath you prepared for me. It was a great trip away from everyday life. I feel rejuvenated. Thank you, Miakke, for providing a restful space. I would love to visit there again”.

Leonie Akhindenor,  Bondi NSW, Australia

Colon Hydrotherapy

“I have suffered with Chronic Fatigue and Glandular fever – I would like to recommend Micah for Colon Therapy. I have had both types of colonics from different places & would definitely say that Micah has the best. It’s not invasive, the room is very private and I feel safe.  They have a gravity system that works better on my body, its much more natural and exercises the colon. I have been a lot better since having colonics. My energy levels have improved. I am clear and I have more energy. Micah is a lovely person to deal with and has pride and passion in her work. Have also had a massage there & it was the best massage I’ve ever had. I like the Colonic and Massage combo. Many Thanks Micah”.

Amy. Katoomba Sydney

My partner fell ill and was in hospital for 21 days we still do not have a diagnosis as to what this was…all we know is that he was not making red blood cells. He was so Ill, he was in serious trouble. I really did think we were going to lose him. I was lead to Miakke on the 11th day, through a strange set of circumstances (or was it). Micah actually knew his name before I told her. Micah remote viewed him told me her observations and offered a list of protocols and nutritional support.  She could see it. She also gave me the name of his sister who had passed over 10 years prior. Micah is amazing. I wrote down the list and followed it to the letter. And guess what? Things started to happen! My partner was open to Micahs list. My husband was a very sick man, he had over 6 specialists working on him but sometimes they are not logical and do not listen to reason but nothing they did was working.

Medical Intuitive Reading

He is home now and almost 100%… all I can say is Micah I believe you really are an angel sent to me in my time of need and helplessness.Your Kind caring intuitiveness got me through one of the most difficult times of my life! THANK YOU!

Carolyne Brennan, Sydney, AUSTRALIA. 2016