What is Being a Medical Intuitive About

Becoming a clear intuitive, is about recognising and developing an intuitive rapport with your life your own biology and biography. Making choices and absorbing the choice that is positive for your own body. There are reasons above the obvious that tell us what life is truly about. Know your wisdom and how to balance the intricate system that we are.

Get grounded with yourselves. Keep ourself centered. Identify negative thought forms and release them. Find and target where and when you are losing your energy. Don’t for one minute let that sit in your shadow self. Don’t choose to perceive that which is an illusion.

There is great depth in creating your consciousness.  You are an unbelievably attuned spirit. Learn to manage your power.

We are all born intuitive, it is very natural. The question is -Do you learn to trust the mystery or become a victim to it.

There is a science that is a force that directs you, but whats important right now, is that you know the tools you need to live an extraordinary life and rely on your self.

Religions and groups are designed to give the individuals intuition to the group.  Its like watering down our individual intuition. Be aware and remember to ground your spirit in your personal temple.

You do not need to be a saint or holy guru or vegetarian to be able to respond to the intuition and guidance. You just need to learn how to get out of the fog, so that you can see the question and get to the answers.