Lemuria, The Island of Mu and the Polynesian Triangle

The archaeological site Nan Madol, located off the eastern shore of Pohnpei, part of the Federated States of Micronesia, is thought to be the site of the lost island of Mu. The people of Mu and Lemuria had technologies that we were unaware of. A lot of energy work and healing that is practiced now is thought to have come handed down through Shamanic cultures from these people.

The Lost Island of Mu was introduced by Augustus Le Plongeon as an alternative name for the city of Atlantis. Atlantis is believed to have existed elsewhere, and in more extensive writings and findings, Atlantis is believed to have been a separate society. Lemuria was a continent located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, Mu was introduced as an alternative name for Lemuria by James Churchward, who believed that Mu was in the Pacific Ocean before it was destroyed. Augustus Le Plongeon translated sacred books of the Mayan culture in Yucatan, that talked of an ancient culture that was around before Greece and Egypt. The island of Mu was used to explain the commonality found in many cultures in archaeological sites such as pyramids and symbols from around the 18th Century onwards.

According to the Lemurian Fellowship ‘at one time in human history, there was a civilization where people enjoyed a peace of mind not possible in today‚Äôs world. Its population understood and lived by divine law, personally and nationally, enabling them to build the most magnificent civilization the world has known, which flourished for fifty thousand years.

It is believed that a few intelligent people understood that there was a better way of being than competing and taking advantage of people, and created a society that flourished. They lived according to the law of the divine, and their society was well organised. The Elders ran the society and set the laws of the society. The Lemurian Empire accomplished technologies and feats that it is believed have yet to be realised in modern society.

After people who were unskilled started assisting and using manual labour to do things, the middle class grew in Lemurian society and there were disagreements. Eventually the misunderstandings between the social classes and the Elders gave way to the collapse of the civilisation, and many people emigrated to Asia, South and Central America and Mexico. It is believed that some people also emigrated to the city of Atlantis.

The culture of Lemuria was preserved somewhat in the oral traditions of the Polynesians who have many secret practices, such as the Hawaiians and the philosophy of Huna. Some of these practices are available publicly, and others still held within the Kahuna or secret keepers. Hawaiian culture is believed to hold some of the key aspects of Lemurian culture now, such as Ho’oponopono, the energy clearing and healing technique, lomi lomi massage and kahuna massage. The Huna philosophy of Hawaii is also believed to have been handed down the generations from Lemuria.

Modern western interpretations of Lemurian philosophy exist in the Lemurian Fellowship which teach about the law of divine order. One is known as the Golden Rule, or Action and Reaction, in what energy you put out comes back to you. The second law is Law of Precipitation, giving a number of steps you can follow in order to bring about what it is that you desire in your life. They cover other aspects of life and living also. A lot of these beliefs are reflected in Ho’oponopono where the desire is to remove all aspects and blockages to whatever is holding you back in life, and to get clear and back to the divine order, or to be at zero. Ho’oponopono also teaches the law of love, and also practices recognition of a responsibility for what shows up in your life, and the need to clean on it.

Ancient Lemurian culture has been written about in historical writings even such as the Bible, and it can be used to verify some of the teachings both in Hawaiian Ho’oponopono where you are taught to love the divine, and to respect all things, and to love others as you love yourself and come back to zero. It is thought that with the migration of people from Lemuria to other parts of the world that these teachings were included in Ancient writings. There is evidence of ancient Lemurian culture in many countries and their cultures and spiritual philosophies that still hold in modern times.

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