Medical Intuitive Sessions

Micah has had extensive training in the field of alternative healing. Her work with Iridology,  Massage, Fitness instruction and Medical nursing have added to her understanding of how the human body works, the connections between the alternative and traditional medicine are a specialty. Micah has earned her stellar reputation both in Australia and overseas and has an established international client base, who are all valued clients.

Use Medical Intuitive Consultations To Locate The Cause Of One’s Failing Health

Medical Intuition is the multi-sensory ability to read and see the Physical, Psychological, Spiritual; and the Quantum Science of a person. This means I get intuitive sight into the Anatomy & Physiological processes with focus on illness/ abnormality in a persons unique state of health. Micah is a licenced Medical Nurse, Natural Therapist, healer and mystic with experience.  Micah also provides counselling + profound harmonising energies for your individuate needs. Her tremendous Psychic and Medium platforms can also be accessed during sessions.

Micah has earned her stellar reputation both in Australia and overseas working with Medical Specialists and Alternative communities to target health abnormalities that Medical testing cannot reveal.

Having Some Health Issues?  Learn The Science Behind Your Health:

Medical Intuitive services work in conjunction with traditional medicine and programmes you require, if any. Micah has developed her own process of assessment and has been very successful with her ability to target health problems through reading cell tissue and the energy of the body. This is a gift that can help heal and maximize the success of any treatment you undertake, especially during a health crisis.

Learn Which Energies Are Yours And Which Belong To Others And What Can Be Done For Each Type.

Identifying the root cause of your health issues will enable both you and Micah to implement the nutritional advice, programming & treatment needed to ensure that the path forward is positive and healing. You will find how to detox your body from the inside-out and how to save your body from living in an increasingly toxic world.

Medical Intuitive sessions are useful for:

  • Intuitive body scan/ examination
  • Depression/ Anxiety
  • Trauma + PTSD
  • Disease Prevention
  • Genetic Weaknesses
  • Detox + Digestive Health
  • Locate disease origins /abnormalities
  • Working with your Medical Specialist
  • Private Reading