Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss 

Weight Loss can prove to be difficult for many people who have been through a traumatic upbringing, often turning to food as a comfort, and causing a cycle of distress and yo-yo dieting. When we are young we are often programmed by our caregivers to have certain beliefs about ourselves, and this causes us to grow with patterns of outward behaviours that do not support what it is that we desire to have.

When we are congruent with ourselves, our actions and belief systems and our desires are aligned and we feel much happier with our lives, and more in control.

Many people desire to transform themselves and often find that overcoming their obstacles can prove to be difficult if not impossible. This is where the problem of removing any excuses to success in one’s chosen endeavour actually comes down to removing the issue in the person’s belief system. 

Clinical hypnotherapy can be performed to assist the client in removing limiting belief systems, and replacing these with ideologies and consolidated thought processes that support the person and engage the person in outwardly changed behaviours. Clinical hypnotherapy can be offered to clients from Micah Medical Intuitive along with holistic counselling to help you transition from old negative belief systems, and towards healthy patterns of behaviour and a trim and healthy body. 

Hypnotherapy for Depression and Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can be prescribed as a gentle treatment for depression and anxiety, to help provide some relief for the client. Through a guided meditation, and auto-suggestion, the client is led into a semi-aware state, almost to the point of sleep with the therapist, and is then guided to repeat affirmations after the therapist states them, in order to take more ownership. 

This form of clinical hypnotherapy has been recommended as a practice by the University of Sedona as one of the safest forms of hypnotherapy, as the client is aware of what the scripted affirmations are, and feels far safer and more empowered through the process of the therapy.

Depression and anxiety are complex medical issues, so safe practice in hypnotherapy is recommended in order to fully support the client in recovery. Micah Medical Intuitive scripts the hypnotherapy affirmations and guided meditations with the client, in order to effect maximum safety and results. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Success and Abundance

Success and abundance seem to come blissfully with ease to some people, where others feel as though they have been left behind. This can come from limiting belief systems, where a person does not feel as though they are enough. A condition called impostor syndrome can severely limit a person’s belief in him or herself (or themself) causing failures to result in a person, from successive attempts. 

An existential crisis can occur in a person when after multiple attempts at gaining success and material abundance, this does not result in any gains for that person. The person feels as though things are not going to improve, and this can severely impact that person’s confidence and mental health. 

Clinical hypnotherapy for success and abundance can be performed by Micah Medical Intuitive, using scripted meditation and hypnotherapeutic modalities, in order to lay into a client some belief systems that the person is able to achieve success, that he or she (or they) are enough and that it is possible to attain the success at the expected level. Given that many ingrained negative belief systems are patterned deeply into some people, it may take several or multiple sessions of clinical hypnotherapy with Micah Medical Intuitive to notice more external results. 

Generally, a feeling of more wellbeing and confidence, and a feeling of general overall ability to take on responsibilities is what is to be expected from a series of clinical hypnotherapeutic sessions with Micah Medical Intuitive, when working specifically towards success and abundance. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Relationships

A lot of people find themselves being able to go on a date with someone, and to start a very short relationship with someone, but then unable to sustain a deep and meaningful connection with someone. This has been a problem that we have encountered with many clients, and it stems from a belief that the person is unworthy of love and not enough as he, she or they are. 

We can help to change, over a period of sessions, these negative belief systems through clinical hypnotherapy, and help a person to sustain a positive believe that he, she or they are indeed worthy of a loving connection. 

We can also coach a person through a relationship and help advise on communication with the partner, and how to respond, to be more patient and loving, and to seek to deepen the connection with the self first, thereby resulting in a meaningful, sustainable and loving connection with a partner. 

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