Skin Treatments For Face and Body

Age affects our skin in different ways. Loss of hydration, loss of elasticity, redness, pigmentation, pronounced pores, stretch marks, stress, lack of vitality or dull complexion. We offer skin treatments for face and body to bring back your glow.

Skin Needling $150 per area

High performance skin needling which includes microdermabrasion for exfoliation, micro needling for optimum delivery of nutrients to the skin, LED light therapy to soothe the skin. Can be applied to face and body. 

Microdermabrasion $70

Re-mineralizing Salt Body Scrub $250 for 1.5 hr
Detoxifying salt scrub for removing negativity followed by rhythmic massage to promote deep relaxation. Allow your pores to breathe, and nourish the fresh skin cells underneath, leaving you silky smooth and blissed out.

Facial $170

Our Vitamin Facial is customised to target specific skin concerns by using a combination of potent botanicals and fruit acids, and cutting edge cosmeceutical-grade ingredients. Customised to your needs to alleviate everything from acne to sun damage, this facial has powerful anti-aging properties. 

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