Holistic Counselling Therapies

Ho Oponopono Hawaiian Counselling Therapy

Ho Oponopono is one of the most gentle therapies that are possible, it is viewed as a ‘cleaning’ away of anything that does not serve the client in life, and is a perfect adjunct to clinical hypnotherapy. Dr Joe Vitale is an international presenter on Ho Oponopono, and we follow his recommendations on practice of this very gentle therapeutic modality. 

In a typical hypnotherapy session, the client will sit with the therapist, and list the negative issues and concerns that are causing distress for the client, and together the therapist and the client will script a meditation that helps to remove the worries and concerns. The client then will enter into a guided meditation with the therapist. 

The chant that is performed during a guided meditation by both the therapist and the client is called “cleaning,” where the words “I am sorry, I love you, thank you, forgive me,” are repeated, during parts of the guided meditation. A session lasts for around 30 – 45 minutes, and the client can then choose from a range of other therapies afterwards that help support the removal of negative concerns, issues and worries. 

For optimum results, it is recommended that a client see a western medical practitioner who supports holistic medicine, and reports can be sent to the medical practitioner, or nurse who can then also make recommendations regarding the therapy. A number of sessions of Ho-oponopono may be needed for particularly distressing issues, and at times maintenance sessions may be necessary for when clients are experiencing additional negative circumstances. 

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