Elemental Dragons

Elemental Dragons

What are elemental dragons?

Dragons are elemental beings that exist in higher vibrational realities, and can be called on to help us create a life of extraordinary happiness and fulfilment. To get started with understanding dragons, a bit of background knowledge is helpful.

If you don’t believe in dragons, and think they are merely the stuff of fairy tales, then perhaps you really need to reconsider how you perceive them. In some holy writings, dragons are mentioned as being present in pre-history. Andrew Bartsis, the Galactic Historian is an expert on elemental dragons. There is now scientific proof of a reality beyond ours, being researched by physicists, and started from when Einstein introduced the theory of relativity. The Hadron Collider has been looking deeply into what the substance of matter is made of, and this has revealed that everything is constructed of energetic particles. Down to the most minute particle, we vibrate at certain frequencies (sound is a vibration) and there are certain ways of being able to actually physically increase the frequency of what your body’s cells vibrate at.

Biologists are using frequency to repair DNA, and this is proving that there is the possibility of higher vibrational planes of existence that we cannot physically see, until we are able to attain that certain frequency of vibration. How we increase our energetic frequency is to adopt healthy eating patterns, including animals that are organic if you choose to still eat meat or be vegetarian/vegan. We can engage in meditation, use prayer beads to perform chants such as Om Mani Padme Hum (a Buddhist chant that incorporates all aspects of the good parts of the philosophies of teaching), use incense and create sacred rituals, including using crystal grids to create a more calm and gentle space around us.

We can determine that we are vibrating at a higher frequency when we are feeling loving, kind, compassionate and non-judgmental, a feeling of peace and relief about what we are doing, who we are and our internal state of resonance is calm. We can then enter into a space where we are able to call out for the help of the elemental dragons.

How can dragons help us in our daily lives?

Dragons can help us in our daily lives very much. They are the beings that are part of the energy of our planet, and they form a communication channel between yourself, and the energies of the planet in order to create incredible realities. Say you wanted to achieve mastery over a particular topic, you could engage the services of a study dragon. If you wanted financial success, you could call on the help of a wealth dragon.

Dragons are beings who are incredibly pragmatic, and not so versed in etiquette. They are magnificent creatures and deserve a lot of respect and consideration. When you have a psychic channel your dragons for you, he or she will be able to determine who your dragons are, if you have any, and what they are here to help you with. Some people have magical dragons, and others are luck dragons. There are many different lineages of dragons, and these are located all over the world, and some dragons are specific to certain family lines. In lots of European countries there are white dragon family bloodlines, and also in Asian countries you will find lots of reference to golden dragons and red dragons.

They do appear when they are seen by a psychic as they appear in fantasy artwork and movies; but are far grander and more majestic and look to have energetic swirls around them. We have to consider that these are grand and magnificent beings. In the early days of our history, previous to the Renaissance, Dragons did appear to people in physical form, but they were so feared and hunted and reviled that they merged into a higher form of consciousness in order to keep themselves safe from being hunted and killed, as people were misinformed as to how to interact with and respect these mystical creatures.

How can I get some dragons to assist me?

Dragons are extremely happy to assist us, we can either do a ritual calling of dragons, or we can contact someone like a psychic or energetic healer in order to make contact with our dragons. Dragons can be extremely shy, and intensely private, so your psychic facilitator will be very respectful and teach you how to communicate with your dragons.

When you are doing a ritual calling of dragons, it can be useful to create a ritual altar, including all types of dragon memorabilia, and burn incense and play happy and upbeat instrumental music when you are tuning in to communicate with your dragons. They are majestic, beautiful and ethereal creatures, and will help you create a magical reality.

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